LaFourche Ph., LA

The Bayou St. John Field is located approximately 5 miles north of Thibodaux, Louisiana, straddling Hwy. 1, Hwy. 308 and Bayou Lafourche.

Discovered in 1956 by Howell and Howell, initial development was completed by the late Fifties. The field was unitized for gas cycling in 1966, creating a +/-1600 acre proration unit that still exists today. Cycling proved to be non-feasible with operations halted in 1969.

Energy Management Corp., Tellus Operating Group, LLC's ("TOG's") predecessor, bought the field from Triton in November 1993.

The sole producer in the field, the Caldwell-Sugars #1/1D well was producing 700 mcfd before it went off line in October 1995. Operations to restore it to production were unsuccessful due to the age of the tubulars in this dual completion. In order to maintain leases, TOG re-entered the abandoned J. B. Levert #1 wellbore and tested gas, but the well was unable to sustain continuous flow due to liner problems. The J. B. Levert #2 replacement well was drilled in April 1997 and re-established production from the Operculinoides (Operc) 3 and 4 reservoir.  The J.B. Levert wellbore was then converted for salt water disposal.

TOG currently operates one producing well, one SWD well and has one temporarily abandoned well.  The Levert #2 currently produces 900 mcfd, 15 bcpd, and 15 bwpd with the aid of field compression. Production from the Operc 3 and 4 occurs from a depth of 14,300' to 15,000'.

Gas, condensate and water are gathered and separated at the central facility.  Gas is compressed, dehydrated and then sold to market via Williams Intrastate Gas Pipeline.  Water is sent to the SWD well and the condensate is transported via truck.