TOG through its affiliate Treetop Midstream services LLC contracted supply of CO2 deliverable along the Genesis Free State pipeline for CO2 operations. As a result TOG currently operates a CO2 flood in its Raleigh Field located in Smith County Ms. This flood has rejuvenated this 1950’s vintage production.

CO2 injection is a proven process and has been being used since the 1970’s. The process’s ability to increase production levels and recoverable reserves not only will be a “new life” for this WWII vintage oil field but will also allow TOG to grow its enhanced oil recovery portfolio of projects with West Yellow Creek forming the much need anchor for this area of Mississippi.

TOG is in the early stages of preparation to CO2 Flood the West Yellow Creek Field in Wayne County, Ms. This Eutaw Sand reservoir is a direct analogue to the successful Eucutta Field CO2 Flood just 6 miles to the west.

In addition to the current contracted supply of CO2 TOG and its affiliates have made preparations for additional CO2 supply that will be included into the West Yellow Creek Flood.