For New Discoveries TOG evaluates and assesses the hydrocarbon recovery method that best suites the particular field/reservoir. Whether it is to simply stay with primary recovery methods only and optimize accordingly, or implementing a secondary recovery program, TOGs team will review all aspects including reservoir modeling and petrophysical analysis to determine how to maximize a reservoirs ultimate recovery.

For Legacy Properties they are managed on their individual needs as well. They all have their own business model and are exploited based on this model. From recompletions to retrofitting for enhanced recovery methods to the possibility of harvesting, all avenues are managed. Tellus’ in-house staff works are constantly looking for new technology that can be employed for the betterment of the asset.

Actively injecting Natural Gas, CO2, or Water to maintain reservoir pressure TOG and its group of engineers and geologists are currently managing all three of these processes throughout the organization. Proven to increase original oil in place pressure maintenance projects are a benefit to all involved in the process from the State (for tax revenue) to the working and royalty interest owners it is a win-win situation.